Film Screening

Sense and

- Film Experiments by Japanese Creators-

Venue :
Moviemento, Berlin
Kottbusser Damm 22 10967 Berlin
Date & Time :
October 16th 22:30-
October 17th 17:30-
Ticlket :
3 Euro
Facilitators :
Itsushi Kawase & Ella Pugliese

We would like to present 7 short experimental audio-visual works made by Japanese creators that explore sound, sense and space. Most of the filmmakers will be present for Q & A.


Silent Noise

16min, 2007, Nozomi Matsuyama (filmmaker present)

Jo has been disturbed her sleep by baby crying next door.
There has always been a baby's buggy outside the neighbor's door but she's never seen a baby. However, when she hears news about her sister, things start to change in her surroundings.


In the Realm of Unconscious Desire

3min, 2006, Nozomi Matsuyama (filmmaker present)

A short experimental piece expresses a young female photography student's desire in her dreams. Things that she likes and wants in her real life are always reflected in her dreams even if it was something that she didn't want to know.


Striped Tiger and White Rabbit

13min, 2009, Kaoru Furuko (filmmaker present)

Striped Tiger and White Rabbit(“Shima shima tora to shiro usage”in Japanese) is a stop-motion animation inspired by ethnic minority groups of Vietnam. The materials (textile, jewelry, paper, etc.) and the musical instruments used were gathered from their villages. The story is based on an oral folktale passed down from generation to generation in the Ma group since ancient times.
"A hard-working and kind tiger meets a mischievous white rabbit. The rabbit soon finds out that the tiger is growing a special fruit - which the rabbit loves! It doesn't take long for the rabbit to come up with a plan..."


Room 11, Ethiopia Hotel

23min, 2007, Itsushi Kawase (filmmaker present)

This film aims to capture a sense of the life of children living on the street in Gondar by witnessing the interaction between two children and the film-maker. Although it is about the children's life on the streets, the entire film was shot in the film-maker's room in the Ethiopia Hotel. This limited space allows the film to focus on communication between subjects and film-maker and to reveal some of the ideas that enable them to endure and survive on the streets.



8min, 2008, Eisuke Yanagisawa (filmmaker possibly present)

Buzzing of cicadas, pulses of bats, repeated beats from automatic gate, drone sounds from street lights…We usually don’t hear but so many ultrasonic sounds are emitted on the street as well as in nature. Some are intense, continuous and harsh others are pulsing, fragmentary and more harmonious. This is another soundscape documentary beyond our audible range. All sounds in this film are field recordings captured simultaneously with images using bat detector which converts ultrasonic sounds into audible sounds in real time. All sounds are used as is without processing.


Think Twice

7min45sec, 2010, Aiko Okamoto

Every day, you have so much things to decide, get up or not, milk tea or tea with lemon. It's always better to think twice, but you can also just have fun!



1min4sec, 2009, Aiko Okamoto

Tone from far away. Maybe from outer space, maybe from past. The Memory coming from future.

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